Background story

According to the CBL (Central Bank of Liberia), food importation is a billion USD market every 2 years. That is ½ a billion per year. The importers are primarily Lebanese, Indians and Chinese businessmen operating in the country.

Rice, which is the staple food for all Liberian, makes up 40%. It is a 200 million dollars industry. Poultry products, sugar, flour etc. accounts for 60%. Even though most of the farmers in Liberia are subsistence farmers, there are still few who products more than they can consume.

Those small farmers face tremendous problem getting their crops to the local markets due to bad roads and the lack of food supply systems. These poor farmers pay a lot to transport their product. When they get to the market a portion has either decay or is destroyed from the hustle and bustle of the means of transportation.

Once at the marketplace, what is not sold is left to rot or given to a local vendor for little or nothing just to avoid the cost of transporting back and forth. By some estimates, 60% of what is produced does not make it to the table. This is indeed sad for a country that is still heavily depend on foreign aid and the hospitality of the west.

This problem is not unique to Liberia. Many countries in Africa spend billions of dollars on the importation of their staple food despite the fact that the continent has millions of hectares of fertile land.

Our Mission

The fundamental of Tarbah’s farm is to provide a platform for food production and distribution by connecting farms with investors. We are committed to empowering farmers by providing the right tools, skills, and equipment needed to maximize profit and an organize, safe and hygienic market to sell the products.

We provide high-quality seeds, animal seeds, fertilizers and training needed to our farmers. We are committed to change the unhygienic way in which most African buy and sell food. Our goal is to start with Liberia and work our way through the continent. If food-related death in African is documented, it will be classified as a pandemic. 

Africa has the land and workforce needed to achieve self-sufficiency in food production and contribution.

Our Vision

Most farmers are still using primitive techniques and tools which prevents them from expanding the size of their farm and earning a profit. We want to help farmers farm more land area because this is the only way we can create jobs, reduce food insecurity and rise million from poverty. Liberia as well as many African countries has not attained the minimal self-sufficiency in something as basic as food production.

We want to effortlessly connect farmers with investors and provide a safe, healthy and clean supply of food. We aim at controlling the food industry by constituting a network of supply chain.

We want to become the leading food producer and distributor in Africa. Feeding Africa with African’s farmers and taking millions out of poverty.

Our Values

Reinvigorating the people’s health by supplying clean, safe and healthy food while maintaining the environment and the ecosystem that dwells within.

For products that will be exported, we will strive to get ready buyers for the product. We want our farmers to concentrate on farming and not have to worry about selling the products after harvest. We will prevent price exploited and underpriced.

Liberia remains one of the poorest countries not only in Africa but in the world with a GDP per capita of less than 460$, we aim at changing that by creating jobs with the agriculture sector.

Our next 5 years plan

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