Faqs to investors and partners


An investor invests in a portion of a given farm for a short period. He/she is guaranteed a fixed percentage of profit. The investment lasts for the life-cycle of the farm. The investor’s dividend is paid at the end of the harvest when the products are sold.

A Partner invests in the platform which is Turban’s Farm Company. He/she owns a percentage of the platform based on the agreement reached. A partner is a shareholder and is paid a dividend from the profit generated. His/her dividend is not limited to one farm.

People need food every day. The demand for food is never-ending, there is a market for what will be produced. The food importation industry is 500 million per year in Liberia.

We are going to work within the confinement of the law. The business will be legally registered and we will be a taxpayer. As for corruption, we will do our best to keep it at minimal. We understand that it is an issue in Africa but we are committed to ensuring that our investors and partners yield dividends.

Yes. We always protect our clients privacy with high security measures.

We are easy to be reached by phone, email and social media.

FAQs to Farmers


Please contact us and our team will meet you to discuss the process.

The team at Tarbah’s farm studies the market and make the decision based on the market demands.

Yes, it does. Due to the bad road network in Liberia, we want to establish our farms close to good roads or close to rivers or cities, towns and villages that are located by the coast. Our aim is to utilize ferry and small vessels to transport our tools and equipment to the farm and our products to the market.

All our farmer will receive training to determine what best suits them. Our farms range from cash crops to poultry, pigs, cattle and even fish and vegetables. We believe that with the help of our team we can find a suitable farm for anyone interested. What is needed is commitment and delegation.

Tarbah’s farm is committed to ensuring that farmers get a good start. We will clear the land, provide fertilizer and seeds. If the farm is for raising animals or poultry, we will help you build the farm, provide the animals feeds and the tools needed. We will take care of the harvesting and the contribution. We will provide a pension plan for our long term farmers. We will build schools and hospitals that our farmers and their family can benefit from.

FAQs about other questions

Other questions

A Campaign is an upcoming or ongoing farm. We allow anyone to invest in a portion of our farms. These investors buy “BITS” and they are guaranteed a fixed percentage of return on the bit. These investors are paid dividends at the end of the farm’s life-cycle. Those who signed up for our newsletter will be alerted about all upcoming farms, which gives them a priority over others to buy bits. The average life-cycle of a farm is 6 months.

We are a food-producing company in west Africa. We  empower farmers by giving them the tools and skills needed to maximize profit. We search for the right investors and we help farmers sell the products.

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