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We are looking for partners to invest in our farm platform in Africa.

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Our objective is to rent or buy farmlands along the coast or river in countries with bad road network, get the land ready and get a farmer or team of farmers to take care of the farm. We will control the harvest and the distribution of the products. The marketing, logistic and selling of the product is our responsibility. We will build a packaging or semi packaging plant to add value to what is produced to employ the locals and supply clean and healthy food on the local market. We want to become the Walmart of Africa.

We will start from Liberia West Africa and hope to rapidly spread into the neighboring countries. We have over 2500 acres of land in Liberia, to begin with. We want to start by growing rice for the local market because it is their staple food which makes it a risk-free investment.

With your investment, we can maximize output and supply the local market within a short period of time. Our focus is not limited to Africa. We will also grow food, fruits, and vegetable for the European market. Africa has a lot of arable lands and Europe has good proximity to Africa. With your investment, our share of the market is guaranteed.

To get started, we need farm machines and farming equipment and a small ferry to get our machines and harvested products to the market. Food supply in most African countries is not organized and many of these countries are not self-sufficient when it comes to the food supply. Livestock still shares the street motorists. These countries rely on foreign import for basic food products. For example rice, importation in Liberia is 200 million dollar business per year.

Other food products like beef, poultry sugar, flour, etc account for 300 million dollars per year.

We are confident that with the right tools and machines, we can get 20% of the rice market within a few year. We want to solidify our position as the leading rice producer before diversifying into livestock, vegetables, fruit, etc. Our company is registered in the EU and will be registered and incorporated in Liberia asap. 


  • Tractors (used or new) x 2 pcs = 70 000€
  • Tractor front loader (used or new) x 1 pcs = 5000€
  • Deep ploughs disc x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Stones collector for tractor x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Chisel disc x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Stubble disc x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Roller x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Leeve disc x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Tipping trailer x 2 pcs = 15 000€
  • Bobcat + front loader (new or used) x 1pcs = 15 000€
  • Dump trucks (new or used) x 1 pcs = 20 000€
  • Rice planter (Asian model) x 2 pcs = 15 000€
  • Rice harvester (Asian model) x 2 pcs = 40 000€
  • Rice dryer (Asian model) x 1 pcs = 20 000€
  • Rice plant x 1 pcs (whole process) = 131 000€
  • Mobile sawmill (from slidetec or similar) x 1 pcs = 40 000€
  • Mobile wood chipper (Asian model) x 1 pcs = 10 000€
  • Chainsaws x 6 pcs = 6000€
  • Handy tools = 20 000€
  • Factory, storage and other working space (build) = 100 000€
  • + transportation and other cost

Come and let us be part of this half a billion dollars industry in Liberia and billions of dollar industry in Africa. As Africa’s population grows, so is the demand for food. Come and let be the pioneer in food production and distribution on the continent, one country at the time.

Contact us for our business plan:
CEO Isaac Witherspone
+358 400 848 561