Become an investor and earn profit!


Once a piece of arable land is located and all evaluation and paperwork are done, the platform will announce to all subscribers about the opportunity to invest in the farm. This is why it is important to sign up to our newsletter. Information about the farm like the type of crop or livestock and the duration of the farm will be available. The return on investment in percentage will also be given. An investor can invest single-handedly in the whole farm or part of the farm. 

Let say for an example 10,000USD is needed to start a cassava farm on a 20-acre piece of land with a return after harvest of 14%. The more you invest, the more the return. Returns are paid at the end of the farm life cycle.

The fund generated will cover the following:

a.) Renting the land, if needed
b.) Insuring the farm (remember that the farm is not limited to crops and vegetables, it could be poultry, animal husbandry, aquaculture, dairy farming, etc )
c.) Getting what is needed to maximize output, like high-quality seeds, fertilizers, feeds and the right tools.
d.) Logistics to get the products to the market and storage or semi processing facilities.
e.) And last but not the least labor cost for preparing the land and labor needed for harvest

If you have any questions, please check our FAQ or contact us for more information.